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Memorial Tattooing is a beautiful way to keep your lost loved ones close to you.

You can browse our leaflet below, read our FAQs, and get in touch for a free consultation.

  • How does Ashes Tattooing work?
    It is essentially the same process as getting a regular tattoo, except for the addition of the ashes into the ink.
  • How much is used?
    Only a small amount is required, to ensure even consistency with the ink, and to avoid clogging the tattoo needle.
  • Do Ashes Tattoos look or feel any different?
    No - they look and feel the same as any other tattoo.
  • Is Ashes Tattooing safe?
    Yes. Cremation ashes are the product of a temperature of over 1750 degrees Fahrenheit, virtually eliminating the chance of infection. The important part is the prior handling of the ashes - this must be done by an experienced, reputable tattooist in a sterile environment to ensure no cross-contamination occurs.
  • Do Ashes Tattoos cost more?
    No - there is no extra charge for Ashes Tattooing. They are priced the same as regular tattoos.
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